Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trailwhip Dragon

This is page 32 of the Glossography for the Guide to the World of Greyhawk, 1983, second edition. (second edition of the guide, not the game) The illustration wrapped around the demi-human birthplace chart is by Jeff Easley.

The dragonish beastie preparing to ambush the party isn't actually anything listed in game terms in the Monster Manuel, but apparently just artistic license. I rather like it though, and that enormous tail gave me an idea for a special attack, so I thought I'd stat it out.

Here it is.

Trailwhip dragon.

Frequency: rare
No. appearing: 1-2
Armor class: 4
Move: 10
Hit dice: 6+6
% in lair: 30%
Treasure type: b
No. attacks: 2
Damage/attacks: 2-8(bite), 1-4(claw)
Special attacks: tail whip 1-10, plus save vs paralyzation, or be "stunned" for 2-4 rounds.
Special defenses: nil
Magic resistance: standard
Intelligence: low
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: L ( 65' long total, 10' body, 55' tail)
Psionic ability: nil

The Trailwhip dragon is an ambush predator possessing a dim, malignant intelligence. A long, serpentine, dragon-like creature, the Trailwhip will secret itself along side a Forrest path, or game trail. There it will lie motionless for long periods, waiting for deer, goats, sheep, adventuring parties, or any other such dull-witted, slow moving, herd beasts to pass.

The dragon will then attack with a powerful, rolling undulation of it's tail, sending the blunt, armored end of it into the center of the herd like a gigantic bullwhip. Anyone hit must save vs paralyzation or be stunned for 2-4 rounds.

The dragon will then rush from it's concealment, seize the victim in it's jaws, and carry him, her, or it, away to it's favorite devouring spot.

Should there be any signs of pursuit, the dragon will vigorously thrash it's tail as it escapes, knocking aside any such rescuers.

If attacking a party of adventurers, the Trailwhip dragon is just intelligent enough to avoid armored targets, instead, choosing mules, ponys, magic-users, or halfling thieves, should goats be unavailable.

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