Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yet still more inspirational art!

This is an illustration by Wyeth for The Black Arrow. Braving the dungeon with torch, crossbow and dagger!

Edmund Dulac, from the Rubaiyat. Greyhawk was always my favored game world, and this is how I picture an old Baklunish master of sorcery.

Wyeth again, this is from Treasure island, but it makes me think of the "no honor among thieves" illo from the Dungeon Masters Guide. I imagine this guy as the last survivor of an ill fated dungeoneering party, finally reaching the great horde. Alone.

Another one from Wyeth's Black Arrow. I love his work. I sometimes make myself t-shirts with it.

Godwin, Merlin from a book of King Arthur tales. A classic wizard, with pointy hat and rune covered robe.

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