Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some times, I even creep myself out.

This is another unsettling photo-manipulation I ran across on Worth1000. I think it's brilliantly done. Disturbing, but hard to look away from.
It made me think of a movie I saw once, The Edge, with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.
The Edge wasn't a great movie, concerning the plot, I remember that Hopkins was a mega-rich man, and Baldwin was attempting to bump him off in order to have his wife. The pair of them are stranded in the Alaskan wilderness after a plane wreck and have to work together to survive. There was a third person with them for a short time, the pilot maybe? I don't recall now.
Anyway, third wheel is killed while wounded and helpless at fireside by a grizzly bear in the most horrific mauling death I've seen in a movie. It gave me nightmares, and I was thirty two at the time. The rest of the film Hopkins and Baldwin are on the run from the man-eating grizzly.
That's the memory the above pic brought to mind, and so I thought I'd have to find a way to inflict it on the rest of you.


Frequency : Extremely rare.
No. appearing : 1
Armor class : 5
Move : 12"
Hit dice : 6
% in lair : 40%
Treasure type : c
No. of attacks : 3
Dmg/attack : 1-8, 1-8, 1-10
Special attacks : hugs 2-16, poison
Special defenses : nil
Magic resistance : standard
Intelligence : Low
Alignment : Neutral Evil
Size : L (10' tall, 800 lbs)
Psionic ability : nil

No more than a handful of these horrific creatures have ever been encountered, and it is supposed that they are created one at a time by some malevolent agency, rather than that they breed and reproduce as would natural animals.

Though they are of low intelligence, they have sufficient awareness to engage in evil for it's own sake. They relish terrorizing and torturing their victims before making the kill.

A Spiderbear will cast web strands about in a seemingly random pattern within the area it has claimed as it's territory. These strands are not proper webs such as a spider would weave, but single, rope-thick sticky cables strung between trees, or other strong attachment points.
The spiderbear's favored tactic is to ambush and scatter it's victims, so that it can drive them into the snare area.

The web-strands are more weakly sticky than those of a giant spider. A creature with a 16 or above strength may break free in one melee round, a 15 strength in two melee rounds, a 14 strength in three melee rounds, and so forth.

A spiderbear derives great pleasure from observing the fear of it's victims. It will approach slowly anyone caught in it's webs, flaring it's mandibles, ramping, and uttering it's high-toned, screeching roar.

The poison of a spiderbear does not result in death, instead it causes the victim to convulse in a spastic, thrashing, fit for six rounds, and then fall paralyzed. This paralysis lasts for 3-6 rounds.

A spiderbear will often hang the dessicated corpses of it's victims from trees in places where it is sure that they will be seen.


Doug Easterly said...

The whole torture for torture's sack and hanging victims where they may be seen really takes the creepiness to a new level. Nice.

Rusty said...

I think I have encountered the spiderbear while renewing my driver's license.

E.G.Palmer said...

"SQRRAAAAR! You need four pieces of ID! Four! Go back to the end of the line!"