Friday, June 26, 2009

Minor, but entertaining, cursed items.

I like small curses that add flavor to character interactions without loading the game with extra mechanics. This is a list of a few minor cursed items that make fine back-ridding monkeys for overly confident characters, but don’t clog up the flow of the game. All still require a Remove Curse spell to be gotten rid of though, so they aren’t things that can be shrugged off by characters.

Insulting Gloves: A pair of fine, soft leather gloves. There is a 10% chance that during any interaction with a social superior of the wearer, the gloves will cause him to suddenly, and without provocation, slap said superior roughly across the face. This chance is not cumulative.

The Cruel Chapeau : A fashionable appearing hat. The Cruel Chapeau may be removed easily, but once worn, the wearer suffers severe, permanent hat-hair. This lowers charisma by 2 points.

The Cowardly Scabbard : An empty scabbard of fine quality, it will adjust itself to perfectly fit any sword inserted into it. Any time that the bearer finds himself in a dangerous situation, however, the scabbard will refuse to release the weapon it holds until all danger is past.

The Quiver of Sargent Fumbles : The first time the owner attempts to draw an arrow from the quiver in a combat situation, the quiver will suddenly dump all arrows within it in a heap about the owners feet. This will cost the quiver bearer all actions for that round.

The Scroll of Iniquitous Injunction : A type of cursed scroll. Who so ever reads the scroll will be forbidden or denied one specific thing of the DM’s choice. For example, the reader may not speak to an elf, the reader may not ride a horse, the reader may not eat pie. The Iniquitous Injunction can only prevent the reader from taking a given action, it can never force a reader to take or preform any action.

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Telecanter said...

I like that cowardly scabbard, could be life threatening!