Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goblor, or, Heironious's brass balls! That goblin's got a big head!


All editions. Armor Class : 4
All editions. Hit Dice :2
All editions. Movement :6"
All editions. Number of Attacks :1
All editions. Damage/Attack :1-6 (claws)
S&W, AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Special Attacks :mind blast, 2-8dmg,plus random effect
AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Special Defenses :nil
AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Magic Resistance :nil
S&W, LL, BFRGP. Save (as) : 2 hit die monster, or 2nd level fighter
AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Frequency :very rare
OD&D, LL, BFRPG, AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Number Appearing :1-3
OD&D, AD&D. % in lair :60%
AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Intelligence :low
LL, BFRPG, 2E, HM4E. Morale :high
LL, AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Alignment :Lawful evil
AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Size :S, 4 feet tall
OD&D, LL, BFRPG, AD&D, 2E. Treasure Type :nil
S&W, BFRPG, AD&D, 2E, HM4E. Level/XP Value :3rd/85+4 per hp
AD&D, HM4E. Psionic Ability :mind blast only
2E, HM4E. Climate/Terrain :underground
2E, HM4E. Organization :unthinking follower
2E, HM4E. Activity Cycle :nocturnal
2E, HM4E. Diet :omnivore, prefers brains
2E. THACO :19
HM4E. AKA :none

Twisted into existance by infusions of beholder bile, elder brain fluid, and possibly cave cricket essence, goblors are mutated goblins created by the mind flayers to serve as expendable weapons and obedient guard beasts. Goblors have very little self-will, and dutifully follow the orders of those they perceive to be in authority.
A goblor appears as a thin and freakish goblin with a hugely expanded brain-case and a fist-sized third eye on the end of a semi-moveable stalk which protrudes from it's forehead. They wear no armor and little clothing, but are covered with chitinous protective plates.
Despite their enormous brains, goblor are of low intelligence. Their great mass of brain tissue serves only to generate the psionic energy needed to drive their special attack.
Three times per day, a goblor may fire a mind blast similar to that of a mind flayer. All within a 6" directional cone of 1/2" diameter at the point of emanation, (the third eye), and 2" diameter at the extreme range are affected. Unlike the mental weapon of a mind flayer, the mind blast of a goblor is raw and unfocused. Those struck by it take 2-8 points of damage directly, and also must save vs psionic attack at short range, or else suffer a random temporary effect.

On a d10 roll.
1. blindness
2. deafness
3. confusion
4. stunned
5. madness
6. spontaneous loss of bowl control
7. vomiting
8. panic
9. paralyzation
10. memory loss

effects last for 2-8 turns.

Goblors are most often encountered in the service of their makers, the illithids. Some few of them have been stolen, or lured away from the slippery clutches of the mind flayers to find places amongst tribes of normal humanoids. Goblin and Hobgoblin chieftains prize them for their unthinking obedience, and for the unsettling effect they have on underlings.

* The image at the top is actually a preliminary rough from 1982 by Dave Powell for the Mars Attacks! card set done by Wally Wood. I saw it and the first thing that popped into my mind was, Psionic goblin!

I got this image at my favorite non-gaming blog, Golden age comic book stories. The blogger, Mr Door Tree, puts up beautiful scans of pop art in dozens of catagories, including comics, pulp magazine covers and illustrations, golden age illustrations, and many others. I highly recommend visiting, if you have a couple of weeks to kill. His archive is huge and fascinating. You will find much relating to the fiction that The Game is founded on.

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