Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bruce Timm Conan, and Conan's favorite joke!

I really like this image. It's not the Frazetta that most of you are used to, but I think it does an excellent job of conveying the fierce and brutal energy of R.E. Howard's Conan. I don't know if this is the best way to put it, but this feels like the Sword & Sorcery atmosphere that OD&D is built on to me. The dynamic tension in the figure makes your lips curl and your nostrils flair. You just know Conan is about to explode in a lightening storm of razor edged steel.


Below is a short comic Timm did for I don't know what. Conan does have a sense of humor after all. And it's just the sort of humor that shows up in The Game by my experience.
I really like the series of expressions by the girl when Conan starts laughing.



G said...

I <3 this.

Jeff Rients said...

Aw, man. Thanks for sharing that!

E.G.Palmer said...

You're welcome, gentlemen! I use this as an example of a critical fumble in The Game.

Kevin Mac said...

Dang, that Conan is one cold mutha -

Shut your mouth!

I'm just talkin' bout Conan...

I swear to God that exact thing happened to a Kobold in my AD&D last week. I had his spear break and hit himself in the head on a fumble, but same basic. Yeah, very D&D.

If that was a fumble table from Arduin Grimoire, they guy would have also plucked out his owne eyeballs, rip-off his lower lip, and spin around after stabbing self in chest to also stab himself in the back with it. Awesome.

The Rich said...

That is from Dark Horse Comics Conan #18 if memory serves. It was hilarious the first time I read it.