Sunday, September 6, 2009

Edged weapons only do half damage! Dumbass.

A nice illustration by W.A.Clark, from a 1906 Harper's magazine, which I have just this moment, snagged from Golden Age Comic Book Stories. Thanks again to Mr Door Tree!

My blogging may be intermittent for a bit, I've got a booth an Monrovia's annual festival, and I'm spending all my free time building more furniture pieces for it, so I'll have something to hopefully sell. It's nothing big, just a small town's "just because we can", festival. There might be a parade though, I think.
Hey, maybe we should form a drill team! The Old Guard Marching Grognards. We'd carry armloads of old game books and babble on about our old characters.

"I don't know, but I've been told!"
"Greyhawks only for the bold!"

Or maybe T.A.R.G.A. should have a float. We could chuck dice at the crowd and shout, "Show us your T&Ts!"

No, wait, that's mardi-gra. I'm going to bed.

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ze bulette said...

that's a sweet illustration