Monday, February 15, 2010

Space Nazis control the Moon!

" Hoagland recently told the listeners of Coast2Coast AM that the Norway Spiral incident that occurred in December, right before President Obama journeyed to Norway to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, was a demonstration of the power of the "Space Nazis" that warned the president not to return Americans to the Moon. The Moon, as Hoagland also told the audience of the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles over the weekend, is where a group of Nazis fled at the end of World War II. And the "Space Nazis" are warring with the "secret space program" to keep Americans, and apparently any other country wanting to exceed low Earth orbit, from going to the Moon. "

This is a quote I lifted from todays round up of weird news at The Anomalist, a site I enjoy very much.

Here are a few more links to sites I like that are also likely to provide you with some excellent gaming ideas.

Cliff Pickover's RealityCarnival

Cryptomundo, Bigfoot, loch Ness and more.

Cryptozoology online.

The Charles Fort Institute. Grandmaster of Damned Data.

Keep a weather eye out for the Space Nazis ladies and gentlemen, the blackguards must not be allowed to deny us the Moon!


The Badger King said...

You know.... as much sense as Richard Hoagland makes at times.... he then shoots himself in the foot saying things like this. That being said, I'm pretty sure some guy on Coast2Coas he next night said it wasn't the Space Nazis, but the Thulians living in the Hollow Earth who actually made that demonstration.

Christopher said...

This seems relevant:

squidman said...

There is also a conspiracy theory saying that they run to the South Pole and have u-bot bases there:D

Lee B said...

Indeed, I've utilized South Pole Nazis in both the Delta Green and Hollow Earth Expedition RPGs.

E.G.Palmer said...

Heh, you know,Squidman, U-bot may have been a typo for U-boat, but I like the idea of robotic undersea Nazi mecha alot. What was the name of that WWII mecha combat game from a few years ago?

Timeshadows said...

Gear Krieg by DreamPod9

BTW, congrats:


Anonymous said...

Does everyone read I went through a pretty gnarly conspiracy theorist phase in high school (I think from leaving Coast2Coast on in my bedroom while I slept) and ATS was one of my great resources. Using them for something like a Conspiracy X game would be good too.

And yeah, I'm not sure whether Richard C Hoagland knows what he's talking about, or is straight-up bat-shit crazy. Like The Badger King says, it seems like there might be two people inside that guy.